Why Is It Suggested to See a Neurologist When You Have a Toothache?

When we have a bad toothache, we go to the dentist, who diagnoses and treats the problem. After that, we still felt the pain as treatment did not seem adequate for us, so the real reason behind that is that they treated us well enough the pain was not on the tooth. It was paining on the nerve which connected our teeth muscles to the brain. 

Which conditions affect the brain as well as the tooth too? 

If you have experienced toothache during Sinusitis, and sometimes when the pain is extreme, you also experience pain in the centre of the head, which slowly spreads all over the brain. This way, it affects the brain and teeth both. 

How can a dentist help in dealing with Sinusitis?  

In these ways, a dentist can help you deal with Sinusitis, and if you face toothache due to it, it also helps by correcting that as well. 

  • To reduce the pain and swelling, the Dentist In Ludhiana can prescribe you medicines. 
  • The medications also provide relief to the jaw, which further helps in grinding and clenching.
  • Sometimes due to Sinusitis, an individual gets stressed as they are unable to perform some essential tasks like preparing a PPT or things like that, so to cope with that, doctors advise them to take antidepressants to relieve stress.
  •  While you are sleeping, a splint or night guard will protect your teeth and is also recommended by the dentist. 

Does Sinusitis cause headaches? 

They are prone to cause headaches due to sinus congestion and inflammation, which are called sinus headaches. What symptoms do you notice when Sinusitis affects the brain? 

  • You will see Difficulty in speaking, and it can also cause Trouble understanding what other people are saying. 
  • You must also experience Numbness or weakness on one side of the face or body caused by Sinusitis.
  • It also impacts the eye as it can cause Sudden double vision or Blurry vision. 

What is Root canal treatment for teeth? 

It is the process in which the infected pulp is removed surgically, then a filling is made, and the tooth gets covered to give a nice finish to the tooth. It was performed by experienced and practiced dentists who perform Dental Implant Surgery in Punjab.

Symptoms that indicate that you need a root canal treatment: 

  • You can feel pain due to an abscessed tooth. 
  • It also causes sensitivity when you have something hot or cold. 
  • Your gums can turn red as they are swollen and can also cause pimples on your gums.
  • In extreme cases, the jaw also gets swollen. 


The dentist can provide you with the best solution for your problem like Sinusitis, or if you want a tooth implant, they can help you treat it. They can solve all the issues. If you have something serious, they can bring the case to light so you can consult an expert. 

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