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Rational Treatment and Reasonable treatment for your health

Best neurosurgeon in Punjab | Neuro Brain Doctor in Ludhiana, In the outcome of the persistent demand for a well-known neurosurgeon, Dr. Jhawar is there to provide the patients with the best Neuro care. He ensures that the patient gets easy procedures, a friendly atmosphere, and a comfortable visit to the hospital.
We have adequate medical equipment and infrastructure to diagnose various neurological issues and provide a result-oriented treatment. He is one of the best neurologists in Ludhiana who is interested in improving the ‘whole health’ of the patient and not just focus on relieving symptoms. Dr. Jhawar's 15 years of experience have made him the No. 1 Neurosurgeon in Punjab.

Medical quality care

What facilities do we provide?

Medical Quality care

Dr. Jhawar is a well-known neurologist in providing excellent patient care for all neuro problems.

Planned approach

For every case, a planned and disciplined treatment approach is followed by our neuro physician.

Increased patient satisfaction

The prime focus is on choosing the latest and improved medical facilities which increase patient satisfaction.

Infection prevention

Amid COVID-19, every possible approach is followed to reduce the chances of infection.


The neurosurgeon ensures to understand your condition in-depth and address all the neuro issues.

Reasonable service

We aim to provide our health care services to every person, so we ensure to give cost-effective treatment.