What Is Brain Aneurysm And How Does A Neurosurgeon Treat It?

Having a brain aneurysm can be one of the scariest things one could have. However, knowing what to do and how to get proper treatment will make it easier for people and less frightening and debilitating for the person who actually experiences it.

It is still a severe condition that we agree on, but with the help of the best Neuro Spine Doctor in Punjab, you will be able to overcome the issue of an aneurysm without any complications. Apart from that, it also limits the side effects and increases the chances of a successful recovery.

Before anything, you should try to understand the signs and symptoms of the aneurysm, and after that, you should get the doctor’s help without any delay. This will help them diagnose the issue and give you the proper treatment that you require in the Best Brain Hospital in Punjab.

What Is A Brain Aneurysm?

A brain aneurysm is a weakness in one of the brain’s blood vessels that results in the blood vessel swelling or ballooning and filling with blood. This often looks like a bulb on a plant or like a berry. It can also have many outcomes that can lead to intense complications.

One of the significant problems with an aneurysm is that it stays there and is benign until and unless it ruptures and leaks.

It is possible to fully recover even after an aneurysm burst. However, you would require expert care and fast treatment to accomplish that. In case the doctor can catch the aneurysm before it bursts, the doctor will be able to treat it without many side effects.

An aneurysm is very dangerous as it can leak or rupture, leading to massive bleeding. It not only happens in the skull but also around the brain. After this happens, if the doctor does not treat it properly, this could lead to severe and intense complications such as brain damage.

Treatment Procedure Of Brain Aneurysm In Neurology Hospital

Neurosurgeons have a few ways to treat your aneurysm based on whether it is ruptured or not. In case they catch the aneurysm early and unruptured, then it is easy for the doctors to prevent any major damage.

We have two main ways to treat your unruptured aneurysm.

  • One is a microsurgical clipping procedure. In this technique, the neurosurgeon attaches a titanium clip to the blood vessels that have the aneurysm. It helps to stop the blood flow to the vessel until the doctor can deflate it.
  • The second option is endovascular coiling. In this technique, the doctor places a stent or coil in the vessel in order to divert the blood away from it. This process will allow the ballooning to go down so the doctor can repair the vessel.

In case of rupturing vessels, the neurosurgeons have fewer options. And also, they would have to conduct the treatment immediately. In most cases, after having a rupture, the neurosurgeon should repair the vessels and drain the blood from the skull and brain. This method will hopefully limit the damage and provide proper recovery with minimal impairment to cognition and motor function.

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