What Are Brain Zaps, Is It Harmful, And How Can You Prevent Them?

Have you ever experienced a “BRAIN ZAP”?

It basically refers to the disconcerting feeling wherein a shot of electrical currents runs through your head. If you have had one, you will definitely get why it can be quite disorientating and, honestly, even terrifying.

It usually happens when there is a decrease or stop of certain medications such as antidepressants. However, the neurological mechanism behind the phenomenon remains a mystery.

We highly suggest you visit a Brain Hospital In Punjab if you feel a brain zap or any other disorienting moments.

What Are Brain Zaps?

People also refer to it as brain shivers. Frustratingly, the Neurologist in Ludhiana knows very little about this phenomenon except that when a patient discontinues their antidepressants, it often triggers brain zaps.

There are also times when people experience it as a sign of anxiety disorders. And most of the time, people complain about dealing with such issues right after taking large amounts of illegal party drugs.

What Do Brain Zaps Actually Feel Like?

Let us take the example of one of our patients who have been undergoing brain zaps and learn from their experience about the potential problem or symptoms.

We have noticed that in most cases, the brain zaps begin as a side-effect of panic disorder or generalized anxiety.

Most people describe their experience of a brain zap as if their brain was functioning like an old computer and somebody had yanked out the power supply. Basically, it stops them in their tracks or in between activities.

There is also one patient who described their brain zaps as an electric shock in the brain. They told us that it felt like their brain was buzzing.

How Long Do Brain Zaps Last?

Even though most of the time, the brain zaps to alarm the patients. They should know that it is nothing dangerous and they usually have short lives. However, our experts also add that it can be pretty dangerous if the patient stops their antidepressant medication out of nowhere. It usually happens as it results in suicidal ideation and other physical and mental symptoms.

How Can You Prevent Brain Zaps?

We highly recommend any patient suffering from this condition visit our neuro hospital and consult our doctors for a check-up. They will be able to rule out the causes of such conditions. There are many things that you can follow in order to avoid experiencing such brain zaps. Some of that prevention include:

  1. Before stopping the medications altogether, you can gradually reduce the doses.
  2. You can switch to another medication that is less likely to create any discontinuation symptoms before completely stopping the medicines.
  3. If you stop your antidepressant medicines under the supervision of a doctor, then there is a good chance that it will reduce the possibility of having unpleasant experiences such as brain zaps.

Fortunately for you, as per our neurologist and experts, brain Zaps are not something you would have to worry about. Over time, they become infrequent.

Final Comments

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