what you can expect from your brain blood clot surgery recovery

Well, blood clot problems in the brain are not common, but some people suffer from these issues, and there are many types of blood clots. If you are also facing this problem, please do not neglect it because it can cause further complications. So get in touch with a Neurologist in Phagwara to get proper treatment.

Brain blood clot is also known as a subdural hematoma, and this problem occurs due to the bleeding between the brain and the thin brain membrane covering. So you can visit Jhawar Neuro Hospital, where you will get in contact with the best Neurosurgeons Ludhiana.

Full detailed information about the brain blood clots and their surgery recovery

  • How blood clots problem occurs

Well, there are many types of brain blood clots, and these blood clots are also known as a hematoma, and these are results of minor injuries which cause internal bleeding. In the end, it occurs as the problem of blood clots. And chances of blood clots in the brain increase along with the ageing process.

Because the brain starts shrinking as a person gets old, but the size of the skull remains unchanged. It creates space between the brain and skull, and that causes internal bleeding, which gives birth to brain blood clots. Anticoagulant medications and excessive alcohol intake also increase the risk of brain blood clots.

  • Surgery for a blood clot in the brain

As brain blood clots can cause more complications by pressing on delicate tissues of the brain, getting surgery becomes compulsory to prevent further severe problems. Two main types of surgeries are available to remove blood clots from brain burr hole drainage and craniotomy.

In a burr hole drainage surgery, the neurosurgeon will make one or two small holes in your skull, and they can give a small cut on your skull if it’s necessary to drain a clot. And surgeons will make sure to make holes as small as possible.

However, if the blood clot size is bigger and surgeons need more area to remove that, they will use a second approach called a craniotomy. In this approach, the surgeon will remove a proper bone from your skull to remove blood clots easily, and after the surgery, the bone will be replaced as it was before.

  • Surgery recovery

Your brain blood clot surgery recovery depends on your health factors, such as reasons for blood clots or other body complications. And when a person gets burr hole surgery, it usually takes two or three days to recover, and you will stay in the ICU for one day after your surgery. You will get discharged from the hospital in seven days. But your recovery period will be slightly longer if you get a craniotomy. After that, you must follow some restrictions like driving and working, and you have to follow these restrictions for only a few weeks.

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