What Is The Nervous System And Electromyography (EMG)?

Brain doctors are medical specialists who specialize in the treatment of nervous system such as those affecting the brain, spinal cord, and peripheral nerves. They frequently deal with neurological disorders.

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What are the common neurological diseases and their treatments?

  • Alzheimer: It is a neurological disease that affects memory and cognitive function. Alzheimer currently has no cure. Treatment mostly focuses on symptom management and disease progression. To control cognitive symptoms, medications like cholinesterase and memantine may be determined. Lifestyle changes such as a nutritious diet, regular exercise and cognitive stimulation can also be beneficial.
  • Parkinson: Parkinson’s disease is a movement illness that causes rigidity, and slow movement. Parkinson’s disease has no cure. However, drugs can help manage symptoms. For several situations, deep brain stimulation surgery may be explored to treat motor symptoms.
  • Ataxia: Ataxia is a neurological condition that impairs coordination and balance. It can cause shaky motions, difficulty speaking, and impairments in fine motor abilities. Ataxia is caused by damage to the cerebellum.
  • Brain cancer: Brain cancers can develop from brain cells. Although the actual reason for most brain tumors is unknown, various risk factors such as radiation exposure, family history, and certain genetic diseases may increase the likelihood of getting them.

Nervous System

The nervous system in the human body is complex and crucial. It coordinates and governs different physiological functions, behaviors, and responses to external stimuli. It is in charge of information communication and integration both within the body and with the external environment.

Electromyography (EMG)

It is a medical and research technology that measures the electrical activity of muscles. It ensures recording and analyzing electrical signals produced by muscle fibers while they come into contact. EMG is useful in a variety of medical fields, including neurology, orthopedics and rehabilitation. You can contact Best Neurosurgeon in Phagwara according to your preferences.

A tiny needle electrode is placed into a muscle during an EMG. When the electrode creates muscle fibers contract, electrical impulses, these indications, known as electrical potentials, are either displayed or recorded for study. Although EMG is generally safe, it can be uncomfortable or painful for some patients, especially needle EMG. It also does not provide information about the source of muscle problems; rather, it serves in the diagnosis of the problem.

EMG may help in the diagnosis of neuromuscular illness. It can check nerve injury or compression, such as in carpal tunnel syndrome. It is used to assess the nervous system. During surgeries, surgeons may use intraoperative EMG to prevent nerve damage. 

  • Surface EMG includes the placement of electrodes on the skin’s surface, which is less comprehensive information than needle EMG.
  • Needle EMG, a fine needle electrode, is placed directly into the muscle with this approach. This provides more specific information on the activity of the muscle and is frequently utilized for diagnostic purposes.


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