What Is A Vascular Neurologist And What Do They Diagnose And Treat?

You might be confused about stroke and what kind of medical event you should associate it with. Whether it is an emergency scene or a chronic disease? Well, to be precise, it is both.

According to data, someone is suffering from a stroke every 40 minutes. Apart from being a worrying cognition, it is also a leading cause of long-term disabilities. Also, a person who has had a previous stroke is more likely to get affected by another (almost one in four).

That is why it is essential to call the emergency number right after you notice the first sign of a stroke to avoid any significant disabilities or complications. It is vital to get the proper treatment from the Best Neurologist in Ludhiana in order to manage the lasting effects hopefully. They are also very helpful in preventing another stroke from occurring in the future. This is where the use of a vascular neurologist comes in. They are a specialist who works closely to treat the strokes in an individual.

P.S: they are also called “stroke doctors.” 

What Is A Vascular Neurologist?

A vascular neurologist is a specialist who specializes in diagnosing and also treating any condition that is related to controlling cerebrovascular disease. They are basically a health concern that has a negative impact on the spinal cord and the blood vessels in the brain. The most common type of cerebrovascular disease includes stroke. This is the reason why they got the name “stroke doctor.” 

What Makes A Stroke Doctor Or Vascular Neurologist Different From Other Neurologists?

All the other neurologists have specialized in diagnosing and treating the condition related to the brain or the central nervous system. So it is natural for the doctor to have stroke management and Vascular Neurology Treatment in Ludhiana as a part of their neurologist training.

Whereas the stroke doctor or the vascular neurologists specialize in managing and controlling the strokes.

However, you must know that there are many different types of subspecialists of neurology that a neurologist can take. They do this to gain more training and experience in their field.

Vascular neurology is one of those subspecialists the neurologist chooses for further experience.

The neurologist is told to complete an undergraduate degree. After that, they need to cover medical school and a three-year residency. To get the vascular neurologist training, they have to complete the fellowship to pursue the in-depth training in vascular neurology. 

Does A Vascular Neurologist Treat Other Conditions Other Than Stroke?

Why not? They can do both.

While there are vascular neurologists who only want to keep their focus on managing and treating the stroke of the patients, but there are also some who want to go further and treat other conditions. Remember, they are experts with special training in cerebrovascular diseases as a whole.

Some of the conditions that they can diagnose, manage and treat are:

  • Blood vessel malformations
  • Brain aneurysms
  • Brain or spinal cord injuries
  • Blood vessel inflammation
  • Narrowing of the arteries that supply blood to the brain. 


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गंभीर सिरदर्द बन सकता है जानलेवा, जाने डॉक्टर द्वारा बताए गए के ऐसे लक्षण जिसका जानना है बेहद ज़रूरी

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