What are brain tumors? What are the early warning signs and symptoms?

What are brain tumors?

A brain tumor is not considered the same as other tumor growth which occurs in the body. This tumor type will occur in a limited amount because of the space the skull has. So, what does that mean? As the tumor keeps on growing the growth will take upon the important brain parts which can make the condition serious in the future. You have to make sure to consult the Best Neurologist in Ludhiana so that it can be easier to understand what has to be done and this way the doctor can come up with the right solution. Make sure that you get yourself diagnosed with a brain tumor or ask the doctor whether you can get yourself screened. Dr. Jhawar is one of the best Neurosurgeon In Punjab who has treated countless patients with brain tumors with his years of expertise and knowledge.

What are the early warning signs and symptoms of the brain tumor?

When the cancer growth spread from the brain to another body part then in medical terms it is known as a metastatic brain tumor. The cases of this tumor type are more common as compared to the primary brain tumor. It is possible that you can notice the symptoms when the tumor presses the nerves or it will harm one part of the brain. There are high chances that the presence of a tumor will lead to fluid blockage through and then around the brain or sometimes the brain swelling occurs as the fluid starts building up in the body. Now! Let’s talk you through some of the early warning signs and symptoms of brain tumors:

  • Headaches patterns have changed or you are noticing a new-onset
  • You encounter severe headaches when you wake up
  • The headaches have become severe and frequent
  • Vomiting and nausea come without any reason
  • You have a problem with your walk or balance
  • You have a problem with your memory
  • You notice a change in your vision, hearing, or speech
  • You notice a problem with your memory
  • You notice muscle jerking or twitching
  • You experience tingling or numbness in the legs or arms
  • You experience confusion when doing an everyday task
  • You notice a change in your personality or behavior
  • Arm or leg movement has gradual loss of sensation

If you notice these symptoms, then it is important to consult the doctor. Even if you don’t have a brain tumor then you may be noticing these symptoms due to some other condition. A brain tumor can come with seizures and sometimes the person who did not have seizures can experience this problem.

What are the types of brain tumors?

  • Primary brain tumors- Growth can be benign (not cancer) or malignant (cancer)
  • In most cases, they can be removed and their chances of growing back are rare.
  • This cancer type do not spread to another body part
  • In some cases, the benign tumor can turn out to be life-threatening
  • Benign brain tumors might turn into cancer
  • Malignant brain tumors contain cancer cells
  • They can pose serious effects on health.
  • The cancer cell will break and they may spread themselves to other body parts which can include the spinal cord.

Consult the doctor to understand better about the brain tumor and to make sure that if you notice any of the above-mentioned signs then it is not due to a brain tumor.

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