Treatment Of Trigeminal Neuralgia – The Devastating Facial Pain

Pain is one of the high signs of self-preservation. It warns the sufferers that something wrong is going on in the body which needs to be treated at the earliest. It is one of the unpleasant feelings that is usually associated with the damage done to the tissues. The neurosurgeon in Punjab has well said, “Every individual suffers from pain so many times in a life span but yet it is extremely difficult to explain how a person is feeling since it is super subjective and complex to define.”

Did you know?

Nearly 40 to 50 Million people in India do succumb to the pain that neither responds to aspirin or ibuprofen.

Some facts:

The best neurologist in Ludhiana has revealed that “Among these 40 to 50 million sufferers, the great amount of the population consists of the older people.”

There could be two predominant reasons for suffering from pain:

The Initial Incident

Some Kind Of The Serious Medical Condition





Serious Infection


How does chronic pain affect people?

It is the chronic pain alone that affects the people to the major intensity like the following:

  • That they cannot work
  • That they find it difficult to eat or digest something
  • That they cannot participate in any kind of the psychosocial activity
  • That they cannot enjoy their lives to the full

Trigeminal Neuralgia – The Unendurable Kind Of Pain

Which kind of facial pain can be devastating?

There is a particular form of the facial form which is known as Trigeminal neuralgia. This pain can make the person feel weak and come out to be extremely painful.

What does a person feel like?

The intensity of the pain is so high that the person feels he has gotten stabbed in the face with some kind of electrical bolt.

For how long can this pain last?

This pain can last for seconds or even milliseconds and then it goes away. It gets both experienced suddenly and disappears suddenly.


Which treatment approaches are effective for this?

Usually, the medications are prescribed to the patients in the first place. If those do not come out to be effective, only then the doctor might consider the surgical intervention.

How can Microvascular decompression help?

It includes exposing the trigeminal nerve root microsurgically. After that, the blood vessels which are thought to be compressing the facial nerves will be identified. Once identified, these will be displaced from the point where they have gotten compressed.

How does radiofrequency rhizotomy treat this facial pain?

With the help of electrocoagulation, which is some kind of heat, trigeminal neuralgia will be treated. Apart from that, this treatment approach can cure the pain in any of the following areas:

  • Cervical
  • Thoracic
  • Lumbar

How does Glycerol rhizotomy aim at treatment of this facial pain?

The region where the nerve has gotten itself divided into the three branches will be injected with glycerol. The objective to do this is to cause certain damage to the nerves so that the pain signals that are transmitted to the brain can be interfered with and thus relief from the pain can be experienced.

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