Difference Between Traditional And Minimally Invasive Spinal Surgery

Are you looking for a spine doctor? Well, then you must keep in mind that there are many aspects to consider before you pursue your spine surgery.

Do you require a surgical method to treat the issues, or would a non-surgical medication be enough?

If you actually need surgery, would it be better to have traditional spine surgery, or a minimally invasive surgery would be better?

Now you may also wonder what is minimally invasive spine surgery and how it is different from the traditional surgical method? This is why discussing with your Neuro specialist In Ludhiana beforehand is an essential factor that you must not neglect for any possible reason.

How Do You Know When You Require Spine Surgery?

When a patient comes to us with an early symptom of spine injury or issues, we immediately suggest they visit and treat their problem with the primary healthcare provider. In case the patients are suffering from any low back or neck pain, then we make sure to observe them and their condition over the course of time while simultaneously encouraging them to maintain a stable and good physical activity until their condition resolves.

If our doctor is unable to treat the issues with physical activity, pain management remedies, over-the-counter treatments, and anti-inflammatory medications, then our doctor takes the next step for an evaluation.

There are many cases in which the doctor treats the problems without any procedure of Spine Surgery in Punjab through non-surgical, physical therapy, medication, home exercise, and also spinal vaccination. The doctor recommends spine surgery only if all these treatments do not work well for the patients.

Let us take an example to simplify it if a patient is suffering from neurogenic pain in the extremities and the other non-surgical medication has not proven successful in providing the relief. The surgeon would suggest you undergo spinal surgery.

Those patients have symptoms connected to nerve root compression or spinal cord that includes weakness in the leg, limb, or arm. We would advise our patient for surgical intervention if the non-surgical method does not work in such a situation.

Major Difference Between Traditional Spinal Surgery And Minimally Invasive Spinal Surgery

In traditional spinal surgery, the method involves a complete exposure to the anatomy. Whereas the minimally invasive spinal surgery, the doctor exposes less of the anatomy. In short, it implies that in many cases, there would be early recovery right after the first week of the surgery. In minimally invasive spine surgery, the surgeons often use extra surgical aids, including intraoperative spinal navigation. With limited exposure, the doctor is able to get a greater view of the surgical area.

No matter what you choose- traditional or minimally invasive spinal surgery. The goal for the treatment will remain the same for the long term. That is an accomplishment for overall improvement in the symptoms or a stop in degeneration.

The new advanced technology was introduced to have a result in less blood, and shorter hospital stays. Apart from that, it also provides lower infection rates with faster recovery. The minimally invasive procedure is an easy recovery process for patients, but not each patient or condition is suitable for minimally invasive surgery.


Book your initial consultation with Dr. Jhawar to understand your spinal issues and treat them accordingly with surgical or non-surgical methods.

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