What Exactly Is The Thunderclap? Which Conditions Contribute To Its Emergence?

Thunder Clap – The 60-sec Headache

Thunderclap, as from the name itself we can figure out, is the kind of headache that lasts for the same time, the thunder lasts. These could stay between 40 to 60 seconds. But in that period, your condition becomes something which we can not describe as it may be like the feeling of sudden trauma to you. In case you experience a short headache then do not neglect to visit the neurosurgeon in Punjab. If you do not want to engage in the bothersome task of finding out the right clinic for you whose doctors may treat you with the ultimately result-oriented approach, then do nothing, just approach Dr Sukhdeep Jhawar who is the best neurologist in Ludhiana.


The symptoms of the thunderclap are dramatic and they may include the following:

  • The pain may get strike suddenly
  • Peaks within 60 seconds
  • These can be accompanied by nausea and the vomiting
  • Altered mental state
  • Fever
  • Seizures

See The Medical Help

You are required to seek medical help in case you are experiencing a sudden and severe kind of headache.

Causes of the Thunderclap

The causes of the thunderclap may include the following:

Bleeding You may experience the bleeding that emerges in the brain and the membranes that cover the brain.
Rupturing Of The Blood Vessels The blood vessels may get ruptured in the brain. And this is horrible of all causes as any delay caused in the treatment of this problem may cause you to suffer from the devastating consequences.
Tearing Of The Artery Lining If the lining that is accountable for covering the external of the artery gets torn for some reason, then the supply of the blood to the brain may get a hundred.
Leaking Of The Fluid There is a particular kind of fluid which we all know by the name of the cerebrospinal fluid. If this fluid starts getting leaked owing to the tear of the covering, then the thunderclap and other serious brain conduction may start bothering you.
Dead Tissue If either any of the tissue in the pituitary gland gets dead or you start experiencing bleeding, then this condition is also one of the worst conditions as far as the brain is concerned.
Blood Clot Most tumour cases come into existence whenever a blood clot emerges in the brain.
Sudden Shoot Up Of The Blood Pressure Levels If the blood pressure levels suddenly shoot up, then you may experience the giant blood flow to the brain which is also not at all a suitable condition for the functioning of the brain.

Get Consulted Fast!

You are suggested not to take any of the above-mentioned symptoms lightly and visit the doctor as soon as you come across any of these symptoms ( no matter whether these are mild or are having a high intensity).

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