Stroke: What To Do And What Not?

Stroke or brain attack: Immediate medical assistance is important

Stroke is one of the most troublesome and life-threatening situations where a patient’s life counts every second. A person is not under her senses, so the ones around him have to take the best care of themselves. Every second counts, and it’s imperative to take the proper measures; otherwise, the person’s condition can worsen. Most importantly, call an ambulance from one of the Best Brain Hospital in Punjab without any delay.

Three things to do if someone is having a stroke

First: Call ‘112’ right away

Without doing anything else, pick up your phone and call 112.

No doubt, not everyone is aware of the stroke symptoms. In case you notice any symptoms, then call for an emergency. You can discuss the stroke symptoms and what measures to take from one of the best brain and Spine Doctors in Punjab.

Second: Note the time when symptoms started

Please do note the time when the symptoms started or what was the one that you noticed. As there’s a clot-busting medication, if given to someone having a stroke within 4.5 hours will reverse or stop the symptoms. Bear in mind when the treatment or medical intervention is given early, it does make a lot of difference.

Third: Understand CPR and perform it

Although, not every patient needs CPR. But, if you find the person unconscious, then please check the following:Breathing

  • Pulse

You can ask the medical expert to enlighten you about CPR and how to perform it. If the severity of stroke is higher, the chances of them having  Acute Stroke Treatment in Punjab are higher.

Three things not to do if someone is having a stroke

First: Never let the person sleep until the ambulance arrives or they reach the hospital

Studies have shown that stroke patients feel sleepy after a stroke. Moreover, the stroke survivors make the mistake of going to sleep first instead of going to the hospital.

As mentioned above, every second counts, so don’t delay medical intervention. Please make sure to visit the ER.

Second: Please don’t let them have food or drinks

Stroke patients should not have any food, drinks, or medications until they see the doctor. Thinking of taking aspirin, keep in mind that it can easily rupture your blood vessels and worsen the condition. All these habits will do more harm to stroke patients.

Third: A stroke person should never drive

Even if the stroke patient feels better and conscious, they should never drive on their own. Always take assistance from someone responsible enough to handle everything.

What are the common stroke symptoms?

  • A hang on one side of the face
  • Difficulty lifting one arm or using the hand
  • Difficulty moving one leg or dragging leg to walk
  • Problem speaking or talking
  • Impaired vision in one or both eyes
  • Vertigo or dizziness
  • Difficulty walking or sudden imbalance

Do you need medical assistance?

Schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Jhawar to make an ill-informed decision about your condition.

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