Stroke or Brain Attack: What measures should I take to prevent it?

Stroke or Brain Attack: Requires proper attention

Patients with stroke or brain attack require utmost attention and recognition. It’s all about acting the right way to ensure that the patient’s condition gets handled before it worsens. As per the view of a neuro doctor at one of the Best Brain Hospital in Punjab: Both stroke and heart attack have different scenarios. Because:

  • A stroke or brain attack leads to an unconscious state, occurring silently.
  • On the other hand, with a heart attack, several dramatic events occur, and the pain is the center stage of everything.

Did you know?

Brain and spine strokes are different from each other. Although, spinal stroke has a prevalence rate of around 2%. And it’s also known by the name hemorrhagic spinal stroke. To take the best care of yourself, you should seek assistance from one of the best Neuro Spine Doctor in Punjab to analyze better how conditions get managed and prevention tips.

Stroke awareness helps to prepare a long-term management plan

Studies have shown that most strokes get safely reversed when taken proper care of at the right time. The initial time is ‘The Golden Hours.’ To increase stroke awareness – The World Stroke Day is on 29th October. It’s all about having clarity over management and prevention tips.

What are the tips to prevent stroke occurrence?

Prevention is a critical factor in dealing with stroke. Present-day life makes everything stressful and hectic to deal with. And that is extra caution and care from your end. Instead of waiting for World Stroke Day, you should take a pledge today only to transform your well-being. And here are some of the essential tips that you should follow:

  • Excess smoking

Smoking does no good to the body. Instead, include physical exercise and an active lifestyle to keep yourself away from smoking.

  • Watch your diet

Most importantly, it would help if you watched your diet chart. It would be best if you ate only when you feel hungry. Don’t try to eat in excess. Strike a balance in everything.

Additionally, seek medical attention to manage & prevent hypertension, reduce stress levels, drink at least 8 to 12 glasses of water in a day, and manage your body weight.

Be mindful of stroke symptoms

Stroke Management and prevention are possible only when you know how it happens. So, when a person shows you the signs like:

  • Facial symmetry of mouth
  • Sudden onset of weak limbs
  • Trouble speaking
  • Loss of conscious
  • Fits (Seizures) – might occur or not

Follow the ‘BEFAST’ approach for Stroke or Brain Attack

  • Balance

Check if the person has a sudden loss of balance

  • Eyes

Loss of vision in one or both eyes

  • Face

Check the face symmetry

  • Arms

Legs or arms hanging down or get weak

  • Speech

Problem speaking or confusion

  • Time

Call the Emergency helpline number

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