Which are the questions you should ask the doctor about epilepsy surgery?

Epilepsy surgery: Effective for seizure patients

Epilepsy surgery is one of the effective options to reduce or eliminate seizures. Although, many individuals don’t know the exact way surgery can prove beneficial. If you are suggested to undergo Epilepsy Surgery In Punjab, then make sure to get proper clarity about the process. So, make sure to ask whatever your thoughts are about the treatment. Here are some of the essential questions that you should ask the doctor about epilepsy surgery.

Ask the doctor essential questions about epilepsy surgery

  • Do I need to consider epilepsy surgery?

For the individuals who have tried to take two anti-seizure medications but nothing has worked out, ask the Best Neurologist in Ludhiana whether surgery can improve the situation. The aim of the surgery is to improve the overall quality of life.

When you talk to the neurologist, get detailed information about everything and whether it’s right for you or not. The detailed evaluation method and EEG studies allow pinpointing where the seizure begins. So, the aim is to look for a treatment that offers reliable results.

  • What are the surgical options for epilepsy?

Epilepsy surgery contains different methods to take out the brain tissue that’s causing seizures. The neurologist will suggest to you the most appropriate treatment plan. Some of the effective minimally invasive options are:

  • Laser Interstitial Thermal Therapy (LITT)

  • Implantable Neuro Stimulation like RNS (responsive neurostimulators) and deep brain stimulators

Moreover, the surgical procedure allows you to get back to your daily regime on time, and the recovery timeline reduces significantly.

  • Are there any complications of epilepsy surgery?

Undergoing surgery means it’s possible to experience some infection and bleeding. But, as the procedures have advanced and you plan your treatment journey under the expert assistance of a neurologist, there is no such problem. Moreover, epilepsy surgery does not create any problems with memory, vision, or language. It’s essential that you discuss with the surgeon every important detail to plan the journey with greater ease.

  • Does epilepsy take out the need for anti-seizure medications?

In some cases, the need for anti-seizure won’t be required anymore. Although, the neuro doctor can reduce the total number of medications that you need to take every day.

Discuss everything about epilepsy surgery

Being careful about every step of the surgery ensures better results, smooth recovery, and minimal downtime. No doubt, epilepsy surgery is a great approach in itself. But, before you make the decision, always ask the neuro doctor about everything.

Apart from that, you should ask about everything that comes to your mind because there’s no question that’s right or wrong. If you are having difficulty making the final call, then schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Jhawar to seek the most detailed understanding of everything. You should not let your thoughts or concerns go away like that; otherwise, it can be problematic.

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