What Are The Symptoms And Risk Factors Of Pediatric Brain Tumors?

A pediatric brain tumor is basically a growth or mass of abnormal cells that happens in the brain or the tissues and the structure which is near to it in the child. Many different types of pediatric brain tumors exist. Some of them are non-cancerous, also known as benign, whereas others are cancerous, also known as malignant.

Depending on what kind of tumor you have will dictate the Pediatric Brain Tumors Treatment in Ludhiana and its chances of recovery (prognosis). Apart from the type of tumor, the location of the tumor within the brain, whether or not it is spreadable, the age of the child, and essential general health.

Now with time and the advancement in technology, it is possible for the Best Neurologist in Punjab to provide various options for the treatment of pediatric tumors.

Treatment for pediatric tumors is not similar to that of adult tumors. There is some difference between the two treatments. That is why it is vital for you to enlist the experience and the expertise of the pediatric specialist in the Best Brain Hospital in Punjab for cancer. 

What Are The Symptoms Of Pediatric Brain Tumors?

The symptoms and the signs of brain tumors in children vary from child to child. Apart from that, the symptoms will also change based on the location of the brain tumor, its type, and the rate of growth. There are certain signs and symptoms you will not be able to identify as they somewhat have similar symptoms of other conditions.

Some of the most common types of symptoms of a brain tumor in children include:

  1. Headaches might become more extreme and frequent over the course of time.
  2. There is a feeling of increased pressure in the head.
  3. You might experience unexplained nausea or vomiting.
  4. There is an abrupt onset of vision problems, including double vision. 

Symptoms Based On The Location Of Tumor

  1. Noticed a fuller soft spot (fontanel) on the skull of the babies.
  2. Detecting seizures, especially if there has been no history of attacks before.
  3. Having abnormal eye movement.
  4. There is slurred speech.
  5. Having some trouble swallowing.
  6. There is a loss of appetite. For babies, you might find it challenging to feed them.
  7. There is a difficulty with balance
  8. You notice some sort of trouble in walking
  9. There is a weakness or loss of sensation in an arm or the leg.
  10. Drooping or weakness in one side of the face.
  11. There is some sort of confusion or irritability
  12. Having memory problems.
  13. Changes in the personality or behaviors
  14. Having hearing problems 

What Are The Risk Factors Of Pediatric Brain Tumors?

In most cases, the causes of the brain tumor in the child are unclear. But there are certain types of brain tumors, such as medulloblastoma or ependymoma, which is very evident in the child brain tumor. It is not very common, but having a family history of brain tumors or a family history with genetic syndrome might increase the risk of having brain tumors in some of those children. 

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