Enlist the most common neurological problems and their treatment

Neurological care plays an essential role in overall well-being

Neuro problems are common and affect the nervous system of the body. It’s important to address any kind of neurology problem on time. Otherwise, the chances of severe complications and health issues are higher. So, if you suspect any problem related to the brain and spinal cord, you should consult one of the Best Neurologist in Punjab to manage the situation and know which treatment plan would improve the condition.

Time and early treatment are huge factors in keeping the entire nervous system on track. If you have an excess headache or back pain problem, you need an on-time diagnosis and proper medical evaluation from the best Spine Doctor in Ludhiana.

Most common Neurological problems and their treatment

Problem 1: Acute spinal cord injury

SCI happens for different reasons like playing sports, falling, or having motor vehicle accidents. The chances of severe SCI injury trigger permanent disability or death in adults and children. The problem can impact various spinal parts, and if you keep delaying the problem, your condition will only worsen.

Like the upper part, spinal cord damage has chances of paralysis, respiratory muscle failure, inability to breathe properly, and severe cases can lead to death. Although there are no ways to reverse the spine damage, you need to get treatment at the earliest. Make sure you take all the necessary medications on time, as the doctor suggests.

Problem 2: Alzheimer’s disease

Patients with Alzheimer’s need prompt medical attention at the Neuro Hospital in Ludhiana. The problem directly affects the brain health and, most commonly elderly. With this condition, there’s a possibility of nerve damage in the brain, and it can even die. The right care and treatment are essential as the person easily forgets things. It’s the change in a mental state that affects the overall quality of life. Here are some of the early signs of Alzheimer’s disease that should not be ignored are:

  • Problems with language
  • Mood and behavior changes are frequent
  • Difficulty performing regular tasks
  • Disorientation regarding time and date
  • Loss of memory especially remembering people

Although the problem cannot be treated, there are possible options like:

  • Medications
  • Physical exercise
  • Socialization

It’s essential to take proper care of your mental health, or if someone around you has a problem, you need to be extra careful. If you notice any of the given symptoms, then make sure to get the right care on time to make the situation get under control.

Get on-time medical assistance

If you are looking for a neurologist who offers the most inventive and right care, then schedule an initial consultation with Dr Sukhdeep Singh Jhawar to make the situation most appropriate. In case, there’s any doubt on your mind then talk about the same with our neurologist to better plan everything.

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