Medical advancement prodigious and promising treatment for brain tumor

The surgical option for brain tumor

One of the best neurologist: Dr. Jhawar in Ludhiana, is of the view that ‘Brain tumor patients are ultimately benefited with surgery.’ Surgical treatment is the right approach in all ways and especially depending on the extent of the condition our neurosurgeon (Dr. Jhawar) will plan the right treatment plan, but only after you have scheduled your initial consultation in Punjab whether it is in-person or through teleconsultation. Let’s know about some important steps for surgical treatment.

    • The surgical approach to the open skull is referred to as craniotomy. During the surgery, most of them or all brain tumors are taken. To ensure the imperative brain parts are in their place & nothing is touched you are asked to do the count, say the alphabet, move the leg, or tell a story.
    • After the surgery, your body does not have the energy to do work and you will feel lazy. Better you get as much rest as possible.
    • Infection after the surgery is a common concern and to prevent the same you will be asked to take the necessary antibiotics.
    • Due to brain surgery, the healthy tissues are at higher chances of getting affected. This condition is likely to impact your ability to see, speak, or think. There are higher chances of having seizures or personality changes. If this is the case, then you are asked to get speech therapy, rehabilitation, or physical therapy.

Radiation therapy kills brain tumors with high-energy

Dr. Jhawar being the Best Neurologist is well aware that the latest radiation therapy has to be performed and through his expertise he has treated many patients in Ludhiana & from around the globe. The radiation therapy approach is different for every patient as you can observe it mentioned below:

    • External radiation therapy
    • Internal radiation therapy

Important questions to ask the doctor before starting radiation treatment

It is obvious to have some concern before your treatment plan begins with the neurosurgeon and keeping that in mind, here we have mentioned some questions you should ask during your initial consultation with the neuro doctor in Punjab:

    • What is the need for the treatment?
    • When will the treatment start and end?
    • How will I feel during therapy? Will it leave any side effects?
    • What should I do to take care of my health?
    • How do I know the therapy is working?
    • Can I do my normal activities?

Do I need to follow my diet plan if I have a brain tumor?

Indeed! You have to take the best care of yourself. Your body needs the right amount of calories at this point so that you have the ideal body weight. Additionally, there should be enough protein so that the body strength is top-notch. Just make sure that you follow the diet daily so that you have the energy to deal with the entire process.

Make sure to schedule the follow-ups from time to time

Dr. Jhawar said that ‘Patients diagnosed with brain tumors need to visit the follow-ups from time to time. Only this way your health will get stable and the situation be prevented from getting worse. At any point, if you feel there is any doubt or question, then don’t hesitate and discuss everything you want to be aware of.’

आयरन की कमी से मानसिक स्वास्थ्य पर काफी बुरा असर पड़ता है, जाने इसके क्या है लक्षण

आयरन की कमी से मानसिक स्वास्थ्य पर काफी बुरा असर पड़ता है, जाने इसके क्या है लक्षण

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माइग्रेन को कम करने के लिए बेहद ही आसान घरेलु नुस्खा,जो इस समस्या को करे जड़ से ख़तम

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