How does a neurologist prepare the treatment plan for migraine patients?

Migraine is one of the common conditions and also the complex one as it comes with different symptoms. Usually, the person experiences a severe or painful headache. That’s not all, the problem can lead to light, odor and sound sensitivity, disturbed vision, and feeling sick. This is the reason, Dr. Sukhdeep Singh Jhawar the Best Neurologist in Ludhiana always suggests the patients get diagnosis and treatment started on time. Our Neurosurgeon In Punjab is known for handling cases with specialized and focused care by addressing the symptoms correctly. The migraine treatment cost in India will vary depending on what treatment the patient gets.

How do neurologists provide treatment for migraines?

Neurologists have the expertise to provide specialized care for the nervous system which includes the brain. Migraine comes under the category of neurological disorder. Consulting the doctor for migraines will help you get the right diagnosis and it is going to rule out the possible cause of the condition.

Do you know?

Migraine attack severity settles down with age. However, if a senior citizen complains about a severe headache, then it should not be avoided as it can be a sign of something serious.

As the neurologist has an understanding of the latest treatment for migraines, he can develop the right kind of treatment plan for you. You can rest assured that you will be getting the latest treatment plan.

What happens during the initial visit with the neurologist?

First of all, the doctor will perform a physical examination and neurological examination. By doing so, the doctor can check the muscle strength and coordination and have a better understanding of your neurological health. The doctor will ask you about the symptoms you are having and also talk about your past medical history.

How do you need to prepare for the neurologist appointment?

It is better to prepare yourself before time so that you can make the most of the appointment and gather all the necessary information you want. You need to take along some things with you like:

  • Write down the triggers or symptoms you are having from 7 to 14 days
  • List of prescription or any counter-drugs you are having
  • Medical record or any recent imaging test you have got done
  • Any specific concern you want to clear from the doctor

Keep in mind, you should talk to the doctor about the treatment cost during a consultation. Only when the doctor has analyzed your condition and checked the reason behind the condition can he give you the accurate treatment cost.

How is migraine treated?

Till now, there is no permanent cure for migraines. However, there are treatment options available that can address the issue and help you live a better life. A treatment plan will depend on different things like:

  • Age
  • Symptoms
  • Medical conditions
  • Here is the list of treatment plans which your neurologist can suggest to you:
  • Medications (make sure that you take them as prescribed by the doctor)
  • Lifestyle changes like reduce the stress level and avoid the situations which trigger migraine
  • Managing the hormones, as in some cases the migraine attack occurs due to the change in the menstrual cycle
  • Alternative medications.
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