How Mental Health and Psychological Disorder affect our Quality of Life?

Mental Health and Neurological Disorders

There are two conditions that affect our thoughts and behavior, mental and neurological. These two disorders are a burden for us. Depression, anxiety attacks, schizophrenia, dementia, and drug abuse are the causes of mental health and neurological disorders. 

Mental Health enables individuals to cope with the stresses of life. People who can cope well with stress  are capable of contributing to society and are considered to be mentally healthy.

Many of us avoid discussions related to mental health. We even ignore our inner need to be mentally active and fit. According to the best Counseling Centre, lifestyle is crucial in maintaining mental health.

This article will highlight the features of mental health and neurological disorders.

Mental Health Disorders

  • Depression: It happens when you are sad, irritable, empty, or lose interest in activities you enjoy the most. Depression severely affects your ability to be social and interactive. It compromises your personal life, health, education, and work life. Severe cases of depression have concluded in suicides. 
  • Dementia: it is a loss of cognitive functioning like thinking and remembering. Some with dementia cannot control their emotions and may change in their personality. 
  • Alzheimer’s Disease:, The most common type of dementia. It destroys brain cells and their associating nerves. It also interferes with neurotransmitter functions. It compromises the brain’s memory system. With its progress, AD deteriorates the patient’s capacity to think, communicate, and remember.

Risk Factors of Mental and Neurological Disorders

  • Genetics
  • Tobacco and alcohol intake
  • Unhealthy lifestyle and diet.
  • Lack of physical activity.

Tips to Prevent both Mental and Neurological disorders

  • By adopting a healthy lifestyle.
  • Nutritious diet
  • Abstaining alcohol and tobacco
  • Enhanced Physical Activity.

How to Treat Mental and Neurological Disorders

If you want to get these disorders treated, you must consult the best Counseling Centre for the best therapies. They have helped many people get relief from their neurological and mental disorders. Many therapies are available to treat your mental and neurological conditions, which may give you some relief.

Mental issues are such things that need extensive and effective therapies to help a person feel better about themselves. 

Here are some of the therapies or changes one can bring to feel better in these conditions:

  • Lifestyle changes to minimize or avoid the effects of these conditions.
  • Physiotherapy to manage the symptoms and retain some functions.
  • To prevent the worsening or advancement of these disorders, one can have prescribed medication to get some relief.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Also known as talk therapy, this treatment focuses on reorientating a patient’s thoughts and behavior on their disability. It has been effective on disorders like ADHD, Moods swings, etc. It has no side effects compared to the drugs used to combat such conditions.

Doctors and licensed therapists can perform this therapy. People usually opt for this therapy as it is non-invasive. 

CBT consists of sessions conducted by the therapists in which they interact with the patient and make it more engaging for them. You can freely talk to the therapists and get a solution. The therapists can keep you engaged with active listening techniques and directed questions.

Mental health is a serious thing one should always care for. Our quality of life depends on our mental status.

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