How Electroencephalography helps in the treatment of Epilepsy

Neurological conditions and diseases can be found in people of all demographics, from infants to people in their last years on Earth. We can still not find a permanent cure for neurological diseases, but early diagnosis and correct treatment make the conditions controllable. If you need expert advice, you can visit Best Neurologist Ludhiana. Your situation can be better managed and treated with early intervention.

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The human brain is responsible for producing smaller doses of electrical charges all the time; these charges travel throughout the body, allowing the brain to communicate with the organs.

During Epilepsy, the rhythm of the electrical charges produced by the brain is altered. The brain now produces an uneven amount of electrical charges, which causes the body to have uncontrolled movements.


  • include occasional confusion.
  • Staring for no reason.
  • Muscles are Stiff.
  • Uncontrollable jerking movements of the arms and legs.
  • Loss of consciousness or awareness.


Electroencephalography (EEG) is the method or process of recording the electrical activity of the cerebral cortex in the brain; This makes it a critical test in diagnosing Epilepsy.

Features of EEG

  • It is entirely safe.
  • It is pain-free.
  • The electrodes are attached to a patient’s scalp, which is connected to an electrical box and then to an EEG machine.
  • The EEG records the brain’s electrical activities as traces. Different traces correspond to other regions of the brain. 
  • Previously EEGs were registered only on paper, but now they are mostly computerized, paperless.

What is seen on EEG

An EEG records the normal and abnormal electrical activities of the brain. The strange electrical activities of the brain are not only due to Epilepsy. The brain can have abnormal electrical movements after a stroke, a head injury, or non-epileptic seizures. An EEG for a patient after a head trauma or stroke might show ‘slowing .’Slowing is a patient’s low level of brain alertness for their age.

Epileptic seizures

Specific abnormalities in the brain’s electrical activities can be termed ‘epileptiform abnormalities’ or ‘epilepsy waves.’

They look like spikes and waves in the brain’s electrical activities.

Generalized Epilepsy has spikes and waves from both sides of the brain, usually simultaneously.

When the EEG conducted with regular electrodes does not record Epilepsy, a special EEG is undertaken with special electrodes. Some of these electrodes are:

  • Sphenoidal- Sometimes, normal EEG is not able to detect Epilepsy. In this case, sphenoidal electrodes are used. These are used during video EEG. The electrodes are placed on the cheek muscles of the patient near the jaw. This can record brain activities from the deeper parts of the temporal and frontal lobes.
  • Nasopharyngeal- These are plastic tubes with metal inside with a blunt metal tip. These are inserted until it reaches the back of the nose. They can record the brain activity from deep inside the brain.


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