How do neurosurgeons diagnose epilepsy? What are the best treatment options?

How is Epilepsy diagnosed?

Being the Best Neurologist in Ludhiana Dr. Jhawar will first check the symptoms and your medical history. For a better understanding of your condition, different tests are performed and to also check what is the main reason for seizures. The evaluation will include:

  • Blood test
  • Neurological exam (To check the mental, motor, and behavior abilities)

Depending on the severity of the condition, the neurosurgeon In Punjab will give you an appropriate treatment plan. This means that your treatment cost will be different as compared to another patient.

What are the tests done to check brain abnormality?

  • Electroencephalogram (EEG)

The test helps to diagnose epilepsy and the electrodes are used to check the electrical activity of the brain. With epilepsy, the brain normally waves patterns that will change.

In some cases, High-density EEG is suggested to check the brain areas which are affected by seizures.

  • Computerized tomography (CT) scan

With a CT scan, the cross-sectional brain images are checked and it helps to know about the abnormality which results in seizures like cysts, tumors, and bleeding.

  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)

With MRI the powerful radio waves and magnets are used to check the inside of the brain. The test will help to check the lesions and abnormalities.

  • Functional MRI (fMRI)

With this type, the change in blood flow that occurs in the specific body part will be measured. It will check the precise location of the critical location.

After having the test results, the doctor might prefer to do an analysis method to help to understand where the brain seizure started and this is done through the following:

  • Statistical parametric mapping (SPM)
  • Curry analysis
  • Magnetoencephalography (MEG)

How is epilepsy treated?


Initially, the doctor suggests the medications and most of the time the patient becomes seizure-free. Intake of medication will decrease the intensity and frequency. Moreover, the patient does not have to take the medications after 2 or more years. The medication might have some side effects, so make sure that you:

  • Take medications as prescribed by the doctor.
  • Only stop the medications when the doctor asks you
  • In case you notice suicidal thoughts, depressed state, or unusual mood change, then inform the doctor.
  • In case, you have started taking certain medication then inform the doctor about the same.

Epilepsy Surgery

In case, medications do not provide relief or control the situation then the doctor will suggest surgery. During surgery, the part of the brain which triggers seizures will be moved. This operation is not going to affect vital functions like motor, language, speech, hearing, and vision.

Get the treatment from the experienced neurosurgeon

With advanced technology and treatment, there is no need to worry. In addition, choosing the experienced doctor will give you peace of mind as the doctor’s experience, treatment success rate, and reduced complication will eventually make a difference. Also, make sure that you get understanding about your condition like and do the needful:

  • Do not try to take an overdose or less dosage as prescribed by the doctor.
  • Get enough sleep, every day
  • Make sure to wear the medical alert bracelet
  • Exercise daily
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