How does a COVID-19 increase the risk of stroke? What should you do?

Stroke is one of the conditions which happens suddenly and it gives a little warning. Therefore, a person must understand the stroke symptoms and know what measures they need to take to prevent it from happening. Without wasting a single second you need to consult the best Best Neurologist in Ludhiana. Dr. Sukhdeep Singh Jhawar is one of the well-known neurologists who has handled many complicated cases with his brilliance and skills. Being one of the top-rated Neurosurgeon In Punjab patients from all around the world consult him for brain and spine problems.

One of the stats has shown that 85% of the cases are due to stroke which happens when the artery gets clogged and the brain does not get the blood. Moreover, one of the studies has shown that due to COVID-19 the risk of stroke increases. It is important that you are aware of the signs of stroke and then take the necessary action right away.

How COVID-19 increase the risk of stroke?

With COVID-19, a person can notice moderate to severe symptoms like inflammation, organ functioning is affected, and blood clot development. All these symptoms are common and sometimes there is an increased risk of the given condition which are known for leading to stroke and heart attack:

  • Blood clots are building up in the body
  • Venous and arterial thromboembolism

Well! Not only that but with this condition hypercoagulation of the blood occurs which leads to forming a blood clot in the body.

signs of stroke

According to Dr. Jhawar, “With the combination of these conditions the chances of having a stroke increases.”

Who is at higher risk of stroke?

People who have a combination of risk factors are at higher risk and due to COVID-19, the risk increases manifold. It has been noted that even with moderate to severe symptoms of COVID-19 the patients have to get hospitalized for the stroke.

Will the Risk reduce after COVID-19

We all know the 3rd wave is yet to come and we don’t know what is going to happen. Moreover, the information is still being collected to understand it properly. But, yes the risk is higher when a person has COVID and during the recovery period. Just make sure that you are fast and able to take the action right away.

Do not delay treatment

You will be able to live well when you do not delay the need for treatment and consult the neurologist on time. Time is extremely crucial when it comes to stroke. There is no need to be hesitant to visit the hospital during this time as the doctors are there taking every necessary measure for your safety.

Dr. Jhawar said, “I always enlighten my patients by getting prompt treatment. Stroke treatment is easier when caught quickly. Moreover, it will reduce the chances of having long-term effects of stroke. In case you notice your COVID-symptoms are getting worse then immediately consult the doctor.”

If you are facing any trouble with your brain health, then now you know delaying the treatment will make things worse. Book your consultation with our doctor at the earliest.

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