How can Epilepsy patients have hair loss while getting treatment?

Epilepsy And Hair Loss

Epilepsy is one of the conditions in which central nervous system disorder is affected. The problem will likely result in seizures, sensations, and unusual behaviour. The condition severity can vary from one patient to another. But one thing is sure that medical assistance for the same has to be achieved on time. Depending on the frequency and patient condition, Epilepsy surgery can be suggested; So that the part of the brain is taken which is causing seizures. 

One concern among epilepsy patients is hair loss, especially those who started taking Levetiracetam (LEV). Just within two months of beginning LEV, the hair loss was noticed. In some cases, the combinational treatment was given so that the hair loss does not get way beyond then the present level. 

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Intake of Levetiracetam (LEV) for Epilepsy and Hair Loss

Levetiracetam (LEV) is an FDA-approved treatment for epilepsy patients. There are some reports showing that it can trigger severe side effects even when interacted with other medications. Although, LEV can result in a number of side-effects like:

  • Somnolence (State of being sleepy or drowsy)
  • Behavioural issues

During the treatment, patients taking antiepileptic drugs noticed excess hair loss or alopecia, which is commonly seen in other situations also. In a different section, I mentioned the case studies of the patients who have noticed hair loss while getting epilepsy treatment. 

Case Study for Epilepsy & Hair Loss

Case Study 1

One of the patients, at the age of 24, got diagnosed with generalised epilepsy. She had habitual seizures, and for further analysis, the doctor asked her to get an MRI, EEG, and another regular routine test for better analysing the situation. 

When she had her 4th seizure, the doctor asked her to get LV treatment. Around 2.5 months later, she noticed diffuse hair loss. On reaching the condition diagnosed, it was known that her hair loss was triggered due to LEV because only after that was seen. As the dose was reduced and she stopped the intake of LEV, her hair loss stopped. 

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Case Study 2

Another patient, at the age of 26, started having chronic seizures. Furthermore, MRI and normal EEG were done to show the generalised epileptiform activity. Her severity was in excess, so her LEV intake was way more than other patients. Although, even after having LEV 1000mg/day, she has seizures and then hair loss. After consulting the doctor, she was asked to reduce the intake of LEV. The hair loss got back to normal within a few months, and even her seizures stopped. 

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