Everything you need to know about the pediatric brain tumor

Pediatric Brain Tumor: Requires proper medical care

The central nervous system of children can get itself into the effect of the tumor, and there’s even a possibility of having 15% to 20% malignancies in children. Pediatric brain tumors are the growth or mass of abnormal cells in the spinal cord or brain and might hamper the structure and tissue present near the same. The tumor is of various types like:

  • Benign

  • Malignant

No doubt, it’s tough for any parent to know that their child has a brain tumor. Here, the important part is to get the treatment without delay and understand if there’s a need for Pediatric Brain Tumors Surgery in Punjab. The pediatric neurosurgeon will check the overall condition and tell if the condition demands greater attention & in what manner.

Pediatric brain tumor leads to uncontrollable growth

Pediatric brain tumor happens when normal cells have the issue of DNA mutations. The cells begin to grow and divide themselves at a fast pace, affecting the healthy cells. The growth of cancer cells occurs extremely fast, and there’s a possibility the tumor can form, affecting the nearby brain structures adversely. Sometimes, the tumor can reach the advanced stage, for which you need to consult the Neuro Spine Doctor in Ludhiana.

Symptoms of pediatric brain tumor

Paediatric brain tumors show several problematic symptoms that indicate a need for medical assistance. Some of them are:

  • Child has headache

  • Weakness

  • Decrease in vision

  • Slurred speech

  • Always in a state of depression or confusion

The important part is to consult a pediatrician specializing in the given field. And they know in and out about the process to give you the treatment based on improving your overall neuro health.

Please note!

The urgent medical attention is pointed out by the symptoms like seizures and loss of balance.

Early detection and treatment will ease your tension

When you contact the neurosurgeon on time, he diagnoses the severity of the entire condition and informs you what to do. The expertise of neurosurgeons helps to reduce complications or health issues. If your child shows any unwanted symptoms, it’s important to get them addressed on time. The neurological examination under the expertise of neuro surgeon includes:

  • Imaging scans like CT Scan

  • MRI Scan

  • Ophthalmological examination

  • Vision check

  • Different blood tests

  • Audiometry to analyse the hearing status

In some cases, the tumor might spread to other body parts, so it’s important to get through examinations to analyse everything properly.

Latest pediatric brain tumor treatment

If your child got diagnosed with a pediatric brain tumor, then you need the expertise of someone who knows the latest and most reliable treatment plan. You should schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Jhawar, one of the well-known neurosurgeons offering the patients the most compassionate and advanced care. Make sure to discuss any doubt or concern on your mind to know the right step you need to take.

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