How does surgical treatment help the patient with a brain tumor?

Epilepsy surgery and brain tumor

The patients with brain tumors need to get surgical treatment for tumor removal and rectify the reason for seizures. Undergoing Epilepsy Surgery In Punjab under the expertise of trained and renowned surgeons gives you the most effective care. For the patients with brain tumors, chances of having seizures are higher. Higher prevalence rate of seizures can greatly affect the person’s quality of life.

Undergoing the Spinal Tumors Treatment in Ludhiana at the earliest is crucial to have better success chances. Especially when the treatment is done under the expertise of a trained neurologist. Considering the severity of the condition, some patients might need 2 surgical treatments and need to stay in the hospital to keep a proper check on your condition. Detailed check of the tumor allows to find the reason behind seizures and where exactly is the problem. With epilepsy surgery the key factor is to address the problem effectively.

How is surgical treatment effective for seizures?

Seizures occur when the body movement is not under control and everything happens suddenly. The problem occurs when there’s an abnormal electrical activity happening in the brain.

  • What are the symptoms that determine you have seizures to get surgery?

Some of the most common signs and symptoms of seizures are:

  • Change in emotion
  • Loss of muscle control
  • Loss of awareness
  • Shaking

Chances of brain tumor patients having seizures are higher when cells around the tumor do not develop like normal and the tumor causes chemical imbalance. Through surgical approach the focus is upon to remove the tumor and reason behind it. You need to visit the neurosurgeon to determine the exact reason behind the chemical imbalance happening in the brain.

  • Understanding the exact reason behind seizures

Most importantly, they study the tissue removed during surgery to analyze the metabolic and molecular changes that cause seizures. The specific area of the brain has higher chances of metabolic abnormalities. Basically, it’s one of those processes where energy gets processed on a higher scale.

Moreover, electrical recording among epilepsy patients allows to cover larger area. Afterward, the electrodes are placed inside the brain to check how well the person:

  • Encode a memory
  • Recall something from the past

Additionally, the electrical recordings allow analysis of the basal ganglia. The group of structures that plays important role in:

  • Decision making
  • Learning 

Better neuro care awaits you!

You need to be careful when it comes to neuro health. Don’t neglect or delay the situation otherwise it can get worse in the future. If you are struggling with any problem linked to neuro health then schedule initial consultation with Dr. Jhawar to analyze better what your condition is.

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