Do I need to consult a neurologist for my back pain and neck pain?

Chronic pain and back pain are common & every individual follows a different approach to manage it. In some cases, stretching can help and sometimes cold 7 heat therapy can give you relief. On the other hand, some people might get relief through over-the-counter medications. Acne pain in most cases can be treated without the need for medical intervention. But if the pain is chronic and persistent then it will last for weeks, months, and years. If you notice the symptoms like:

  • Numbness
  • Weakness
  • Tingling
  • Pain reaching the leg or arm

In that case, you must consult the best Neurologist in Ludhiana. This way you will find the treatment plan which will work best for you. If you are looking for the best Neurosurgeon In Punjab then Dr. Jhawar can provide you with the ultimate point of relief and suggest treatment depending on your present state, how severe the symptoms are, and many other factors.

Back pain and neck pain can occur due to different causes

To know the exact reason behind the neck or back pain can be tough. There are high chances that injury can lead to this state, or while moving the furniture you had trouble. In case of acute pain, you don’t have to get the treatment as it will go on its own.

If the pain is chronic then it is possible that it can last for more than 12 weeks and if it is constant then you have to get yourself the right treatment approach. Different factors can lead to back and neck pain and some of them we have mentioned here for you:

  • Sedentary living
  • Injury
  • Posture
  • Infection
  • Joint problems
  • Overuse
  • Kidney stones
  • Illnesses
  • Smoking
  • misaligned vertebrae
  • Obesity
  • growths
  • Degeneration of vertebrae

Ideally, it is important to consult the medical health expert as the causes are different. To point out the exact one you need to get yourself tested by the neurologist. With the neurologist, you will be able to get yourself diagnosed properly and you will be given the right treatment approach. You may be suggested to get physical therapy. Consulting a neurologist will make everything much easier for you.

Schedule your consultation with the neurologist

So, it is pretty clear that consulting a neurologist for neck and back pain is the best choice. They have the specialization in the condition which can affect the spinal cord, brain, and nervous system.

If you are diagnosed with chronic neck pain or back pain, then scheduling an appointment with a neurologist is the right choice for you. Only a neurologist can determine what is the underlying issue and whether your symptoms have reached the severe stage.

Dr. Jhawar will check your entire condition and accordingly your treatment plan will be customized for you. In case you are experiencing a problem, then schedule your initial consultation at the earliest and feel better, so that you can do everything the way you used to.

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