What are the different tests performed to diagnose the brain tumor?

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What are the tests performed to diagnose brain tumors?
• Neurological exam
With the neurological exam, the doctor can check the vision, balance, hearing, strength, reflexes, and coordination. If there is an issue in one or more areas of the brain then it tells you that you have a brain tumor.

• Imaging Test
Imaging tests include MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) which helps to diagnose brain tumors. In some cases, the dye is injected through the vein which goes into the arm while doing the MRI. Apart from MRI, there are another imaging test like:
• Computerized tomography (CT) scan
• Positron Emission Tomography (PET)

Do you know?
There are specialized MRI scan components like perfusion MRI, functional MRI, and magnetic resonance spectroscopy which help to check the tumor and plan for the treatment.

• Biopsy
• A biopsy is another great way to detect the brain as in this test the tumor sample is collected and tested to look at the abnormal tissues. The biopsy is done during the operation to take some part of the brain tumor. The biopsy may be performed by using a needle.
• With a stereotactic needle biopsy, it will be easier to reach those areas of the brain tumors which are sensitive & damaged because of the extensive operation. The entire process of removing the tissue from the brain will be guided through a CT scan or MRI scan.

How do biopsy samples diagnose brain tumors?
Once the biopsy sample is taken it will be checked under the microscope to check whether it is cancerous or benign. This allows the doctor to have a better understanding of the prognosis and then it allows them to select the best treatment plan.
The biopsy sample is studied to understand better whether your brain tumor is complex or not.

What will the test results determine?
Through the various kind of tests performed for the brain tumor it helps to check:
• The brain tumor type
• The severity of the brain tumor (it helps to check whether the cancer is aggressive or nonaggressive)
• Determine the cancer grade

What happens when you consult the neurologist?
When you consult the specialist to get the diagnosis for the brain tumor, he will determine your entire condition to prepare the right kind of treatment for you. The neuro doctor will:
• Ask you questions regarding your overall health
• Perform physical examination
• Perform tests for the nervous system which is referred to as neurological examination. During the test, the doctor will look at your:
• Vision
• Hearing
• Muscle strength
• Coordination
• Reflexes
• Alertness

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