Brain and spine health: Which is the best neurologist doctor in Ludhiana?

Taking care of your overall well-being is very important. If any part of your body is not healthy or not working as it should, then it can lead to major complications in the future. Well! Here our focus is on making you understand neurology which has evolved with time and comes with the best options for neurological disorders and issues. There are high chances that you will not know that you have any neurological problem, till the time you consult the best Best Neurologist in Ludhiana. Keeping yourself in contact with the best neurologist is important so that you can be sure that your neuro health is working the way it should. With that said, Dr. Jhawar is one of the well-known neurologists in Punjab who is giving the patients the best possible care to improve their neuro health.

Why Dr. Jhawar is one of the best neurologists?

  • Well-known neuro doctor

At present, Dr. Jhawar is showing his medical brilliance in Deep Hospital. He has got proper training and education which has led him to be known for his work. Patients from different regions of Punjab come to him to get the best neuro care possible. There are high chances that someone in your known might have consulted him or know him personally.

  • Experience speaks his brilliance

With that said, experience is an integral part of getting the best possible results. When things get worse or go out of our control, only then do we try to look for the doctor. There are many cases like this that are successfully treated or Dr. Jhawar treatment has helped to improve their quality of life. When you will schedule your consultation with him, you can ask him about his experience and training to know better about him.

  • Quality and best care

Dr. Jhawar specializes in Vascular neuro intervention, minimally invasive spine surgery, and Endoscopic skull base surgery. Well! That’s not all he provides a number of services to his patients to make sure when they consult his all their spine and brain issues are addressed. He is compassionate towards his patients and always makes sure to provide a clear picture of their condition. To experience the best patient-doctor relationship, Dr. Jhawar is one of the names you will hear again & again.

  • Understanding of investive technology

The Neuro health sector has advanced a lot and the use of advanced technology & procedures tells about the same. Dr. Jhawar is familiar with the best treatment options and this is one of the reasons that the patients prefer to choose him. The option of advanced techniques, has also made it easier for the patient to stay comfortable through the surgery. The complications are reduced and results are seen on time.


Studies have shown that neurological disorders are increasing. This means patients have to look for a neuro doctor who can offer the best treatment plan which is customized for their condition. Dr. Jhawar will talk you through all the precautionary measures you have to take before and after the surgery. From the initial consultation to the end of the treatment plan, Dr. Jhawar will make sure you are aware of everything regarding your health.

आयरन की कमी से मानसिक स्वास्थ्य पर काफी बुरा असर पड़ता है, जाने इसके क्या है लक्षण

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