Advanced And Traditional Possible Treatment Available for Stroke

Stroke treatment: Advanced and Traditional Approach

Medical treatment has the power to save and change lives. Indeed, the invention and latest facilities are the central points of keeping customers’ trust at a top-notch level. Most importantly, it’s the avaliability of effective stroke treatment. Being categorized as one of the fatal conditions, it’s essential to get advanced care at one of the best Neuro Hospital in Ludhiana.

Don’t let a stroke hold your life back

Stroke happens when blood vessels get ruptured or blocked leading to improper brain blood flow. The brain function or coordination are affected. Medical advancement has made it possible to get Acute Stroke Treatment in Punjab under the expert supervision of a neuro doctor. The latest inventions are the biggest factor in reducing pain, letting the brain function properly, and helping live better lives.

Stroke can be linked to the spine and other organs in the body. Therefore, if you suspect anything wrong, you need to get the expertise of the experienced Neuro Spine Doctor in Ludhiana to know what next step you have to take.

Treatment for stroke for different types

Ischemic stroke

Around 87% of the cases of ischemic stroke can significantly impact the blood flow to the brain. There is an endless treatment that is in existence for this stroke type:

  • Tissue plasminogen activator

It’s an FDA-approved treatment that works by delivering an IV in the arm to make the blood flow better to the affected part of the brain. The treatment works effectively for smaller blood clots. The treatment should be given 3 or 4.5 hours of knowing the symptoms.

  • Mechanical thrombectomy and stent retriever therapy

Another effective FDA-approved treatment works through the mechanical approach with stent involvement. The stent captures the clot that might be trapped in the body. It’s an advanced approach for stroke treatment and works effectively when started within 6 hours.

  • Detachable coil method

Another great stroke treatment is the detachable coil method, best suited for patients with high-risk intracranial aneurysms. During treatment, a small platinum coil will be put into the artery to let the immune system give a response. The procedure aims to provide the artery wall with the right amount of strength and reduce the chances of possible rupture.

Hemorrhagic stroke

During a hemorrhagic stroke, the blood vessels become weak, and bleeding might occur in the brain. The chances of getting the condition increase due to high blood pressure. The possible treatment for this type of stroke are:

  • Surgical AVM removal

Surgical AVM removal involves blood vessel removal on time before it leads to possible rupture and stops the chances of another stroke. The use of AVM is also smooth when the location is easy to access.

  • Endovascular method

Another great method is the endovascular procedure that’s less invasive for stroke treatment. The main aim is to prevent the chances of possible rupture.

Effective surgical treatment for stroke

Some of the most effective surgical treatments for stroke are:

  • Clipping

  • Stereotactic radiosurgery

  • The intracranial bypass

  • Coiling i.e. endovascular embolization

Want to know more about stroke treatment?

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