A comprehensive note on Neuropathic pain.

People are suffering from different health-related issues for various reasons. The common name for neuropathic pain is nerve pain. It occurs when a health condition affects the nerves that carry sensations to your brain. Nerve pain can feel any nerve in your body, but it commonly affects some nerves more than others. 


What is the definition of neuropathic pain? 

Neuropathic pain is nerve pain that can happen if your nervous system malfunctions and gets damaged. You can feel pain from any of the various levels of your nervous system, including your peripheral nerves, spinal cord and brain. Your central nervous system consists of your spinal cord and brain. Peripheral nerves are the ones that spread throughout the rest of your body to places like organs, arms, legs and toes. The best neurologist in Punjab will offer you proper guidance about your problem. 


What are the causes of neuropathic pain? 

Neuropathic pain may be brought on by: 

  • Alcohol use disorder. 
  • Diabetes.
  • Disorders of the facial nerves.
  • Parkinson’s disease.
  • Stroke.
  • Medication used in chemotherapy.
  • Radiation treatment.
  • Tumors that cause nerve pain.


What signs and symptoms accompany neuropathic pain? 

The following are some possible signs of neuropathic pain:

  • Spontaneous pain: This may involve tingling, numbness, or a sensation akin to “pins and needles, as well as pain that feels scorching, stabbing, or electric shock-like.
  • Allodynia: Allodynia is the sensation of pain brought on by typically painless stimuli such as pressure, cold, or brushing against your skin. It has a very high touch sensitivity.
  • Hyperalgesia is the state in which ordinary painful stimuli, such as heat or pinpricks, produce an exaggerated or severe pain perception.
  • Hypoalgesia is the state in which the pain response to a usually painful stimulus is reduced.
  • Dysesthesia: Any unexpected sensations that feel weird, unpleasant, or painful are called dysesthesia.
  • Insomnia: An inability to fall asleep. Aside from discomfort and sleep disturbances, emotional stress can also be experienced.


What are the treatment plans for neuropathic pain? 

The treatment for plans for neuropathic pain. 

  • OTC painkillers: Among these are drugs like ibuprofen and acetaminophen, seizure-preventing drugs. Experts are puzzled as to why certain patients with neuropathic pain respond so well to antiseizure drugs. Some people think that these medications tamper with your body’s pain signals.
  • Drugs that fight depression: Neuropathic pain can worsen due to anxiety and sadness. Neuropathic pain has been successfully treated with antidepressants. Experts think that these drugs address symptoms of anxiety and sadness in addition to pain.
  • Topical interventions: Neuropathic pain may be alleviated by lidocaine or capsaicin. These lotions, ointments, or patches can be applied straight to the afflicted areas.
  • Blockages of nerves: These injections may offer momentary pain alleviation. A medical professional near the damaged nerve or nerve group will administer your injection.
  • Physiotherapy: This method aids in the relief of neuropathic pain associated with stiffness, soreness and discomfort. It stimulates your body to create more organic compounds that reduce pain. Exercise and massage therapies are two possible components of physical therapy. 
  • Surgery: Surgery can reduce neuropathic pain symptoms in certain situations. A surgeon can release, fix, or even remove specific nerves to lessen or completely eradicate pain. The best Neurosurgeon in Ludhiana performs the surgery. 
  • Psychological guidance: Apart from medical care, psychological counseling could benefit you. You can manage the psychological strain of neuropathic pain with the aid of therapy.


In this modern era, neuropathic problems are widespread. If you are suffering from the same condition, contact the Jhawar Neuro hospital.

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