4 Warning Signs Your Child May Have Neurological Disorder

Neurological disorders do not come up randomly in your body; they show a number of signs and symptoms in your body for a long time, and if you are someone who is unable to understand those signs and doesn’t get in touch with the right neurosurgeon in Punjab at the right time, you are going to face serious issues soon.

Neurological warning signs in adults are different as compared to the signs in kids. The disadvantage is not every kid can tell you about the signs they are facing, hence in such a situation you should be knowing about the warning signs.

At Jhawar Neuro Hospital, our best neurologist in Ludhiana has helped a number of kids with their neurological disorders. That’s why in this blog, we are going to cover 9 warning signs that show your child may have a neurological disorder.

4 Warning Signs Your Child May Have Neurological Disorders

 Although there are a number of signs with the help of which parents can understand the neurological issues faced by their kids. But here are some of the most common warning signs:

 1- Delayed Developmental Milestones:

 If you are able to notice that your kid is facing a delay in completing the developmental milestones, then this is a direct warning sign that they might be facing some neurological disorder. Although most parents think that their kids are not eating properly because of which their development is not taking place.

But if your kid is taking proper healthy diet, still they are showing delay in the development then that is a sign of neurological disorders.

In such situations parents should not make any delay, and they should directly run towards an experienced neurologist who can diagnose and treat the neuro issues of the kids.

 2- Difficulty With Movement or Coordination:

 Whenever you are able to notice that your kid is facing issues with movements or his brain is unable to coordinate with their brain then that is also a huge sign of neurological disorders.

In such cases your neurologist can also suggest you move forward with some diagnostic tests.

 3- Seizures or Convulsions:

 If your kid is properly healthy and facing no health issues, still you are noticing random seizures in their body, that is also a serious sign of neurological disorders. Seizures are when the person or kid is facing neuro link issues and when their brain is unable to send the right signs to their body parts. In such a case the brain stops responding, hence that leads to seizures and other such serious health issues. Directly visit a neurological hospital who can help you treat your kid with such a serious health issue.

 4- Difficulty With Speech or Communication:

 You must have noticed a number of kids facing issues with speech and communication, in such a case that might be a sign of starting some neurological disorder. Make sure to reach out to your doctor, before this starting issue becomes something serious.


Kids’ bodies are very delicate and if they are facing neurological disorders at a young age then their future is going to be very hard. Make sure to visit Jhawar Neuro Clinic for the right treatment of your kids with neurological disorders.

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